Mother's Day Basket Winners

May 19, 2017
Mother's Day Basket Winners

Birtle Admin - Denise Bryant, St. Lazare

Birtle Food - Marsha Asselstine, Birtle

Birtle Gas Bar - Edith Jessop, Birtle

Birtle Home & Agro - Bryce Dunn, Russell

Elkhorn Agro - Jason Hooper, Elkhorn

Elkhorn Food - Grace Watson, Elkhorn

Elkhorn Home Centre - Keith Orr, Elkhorn

Miniota Agro - Murray Gurr, Miniota

Miniota Food - Joan Gurr, Miniota

Miniota Home Centre - Betty Howard, Miniota

Rossburn Agro - Judy Bartkiw, Rossburn

Russell Agro - Nicole Schneider, Russell

Russell Gas Bar - Jacki Rowland, Russell

Russell Home Centre - Joan Hiller, Russell






















(above) Nathanial Kaye, Senior Gas Bar Clerk presents to Edith Jessop





















(above) Jyl Oliver, Elkhorn Food Store Manager presents to Grace Watson
























(above) Brad Fingas, Russell Home Center Clerk presents to Joan Hiller